Lead2030 Challenge for Goal 6

Supported by RB

The Challenge: How do we achieve universal access to equitable sanitation and hygiene by 2030?

The importance of sanitation and hygiene obviously transcends time and geography—but even where this is explicitly recognised in policy, the needs of hundreds of millions of global citizens remain unmet. The proportion of the global population using at least a basic sanitation service increased from 59% in 2000 to 68% in 2015. Despite the progress, however, 2.3 billion people still lack access to basic sanitation services such as basic toilets, hand-washing facilities, disinfecting areas with soap etc.; 70% of these people live in rural areas. Such limitations lead to wider spread of serious diseases such as diarrhoea and pneumonia, the top two killers of young children under 5 around the world.

The Lead2030 Challenge for SDG6 supported by RB launched a global search for impactful enterprises which work to achieve access to adequate and equitable sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation.

The Winner

Jenifer Colpas, Baño Grato



Decentralized and eco-friendly sanitation solution that dignifies the life of rural communities.



Baño Grato is a dry and decentralized sanitation system that has capacity to save up to 68,000 litres of water per year per person and avoids the contamination of superficial and underground water sources. The project drastically improves the quality of life of many people who previously did not have access to a comfortable and dignified space to meet their basic needs.

The low cost, quick to install sanitation system can be easily adapted to rural communities. Including a separate shower space, Baño Grato provides a private space for women, offering additional support during menstruation and throughout pregnancy.

The solution is delivered via a well thought out social intervention process that empowers the community and encourages involvement throughout development.

Baño Grato has impacted approximately 80 people in four rural communities in Colombia thus far, with the delivery of 10 dry bathrooms. Jenifer and her team are currently in the midst of testing new prototypes in selected communities that will be adapted to suit specific needs through a collaborative co-creation process.

Baño Grato has been recognised by the UN Environment as finalists of the "Young Champions of the Earth" contest and featured in El Espectador, among some of the most important organisations in Colombia.




“For Tierra Grata it is a dream come true to have been selected as winners of the Lead203 Challenge for SDG 6. We are happy that our work is recognised, promoted and made visible. Thank you very much RB and OYW!”