Lead2030 Winners

How to end hunger by 2030?
Supported by AstraZeneca
How do we fight the growing burden on non-communicable disease worldwide?
Supported by Credit Suisse
Education: Generating Returns. Sustainably.
Supported by Deloitte in collaboration with the Global Business Coalition for Education
Preparing young people with the skills to succeed in 2030
How do we achieve universal access to equitable sanitation and hygiene by 2030?
How do we increase the share of renewable energy by 2030?
Supported by Standard Chartered
How can we re-imagine solutions to finance the growth of SMEs and trade to unlock prosperity for the world’s communities?
Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb
How do we create an inclusive workplace environment for the LGBTI community worldwide?
Scalable partnerships to accelerate education, literacy and skills development.
Turning waste to landfill generated by the packaging industry into raw materials of inherent value